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Praise for Paradise and More!
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For Paradise Cove:

For The Entangled Princess:

"The story has all the ingredients: a medieval castle, an ailing king, his two sons and a not so meek daughter, as well as a bloody endless war. The writer has succeeded in producing an interesting story where the love of country and family are tested and Meg, the princess, has to find ways to circumvent both her father and her good-for-nothing eldest brother and do her best to help her people. She does not want to be a piece in a chess game for political gain. Her brother William and his wily "friend", the Duke, will do their best or worst to put her in her "place" but Paul John, the second brother, has done his best to help her. Then she meets Nicholas and things change. If you have read the prequel story, you can guess who Nicholas is and then at the end of the book I, for one, am looking forward to reading the next book and see how the plot will unfold. If you like stories of valor and sweet love, make sure you read this story. A very good debut." ~Jenny

For Paradise Beach:

"I enjoyed this sweet romance. The main characters were endearing; there were extended family members that were spicy and fun to love and hate. Nice flow to the story with great description of the island. The author knows how to spell out passion without being inappropriate. I would recommend this book as a fun, quick summer read to young and old alike. I'm looking forward to her next book." ~Deanne

For Paradise Shore:

"Ms. Sessions hit it out of the park again with her second book in this series. I could not put it down once started. Her descriptions of Tuscany were so delightful, one could imagine being right there. This book has it all : love, misunderstanding, forgiveness, adventure, and of course romance. I recommended it to adults as well as older teens. Clean romance." ~CaroLee

 For the Runaway Queen:

"I was sucked into the story immediately and appreciated the quick but careful introduction of characters that had me feeling for them right away. The story was definitely just a beginning and I want more." ~Angie

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