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Heart-soaring romance, charming characters with chemistry, and scintillating kisses that will steal your breath away.


Her heart's been broken too many times.

He was the first to break it.

Will fate give them a second chance?

Don’t miss this chance to lose your heart in Paradise Beach with Dan, Cat, and a charming ensemble of family and friends, where learning to love again is finding where you truly belong.

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Rebranded Series

Paradise Beach ebook FINAL_web resize.jpg

Just when Cat thinks she's salvaged her broken heart, Dan careens back into her life.

Cat Cortez's world shattered the day her soulmate walked out.

Heartbroken but determined, Cat throws herself into building her family's new nursery and landscaping business. Desperate to get over him, she hopes to plant something new in her life where love once bloomed.

Back from the army a new man and still in love with her, Cat has no intention of getting back together with Dan Reese, no matter how handsome or charming. Except she begins to see his true intentions and her steely heart begins to soften. But she hasn't reckoned on the hurricane force of his domineering father, who's intent on tearing the couple apart once again.

Despite the brutal blow, her foolish heart isn't listening . . . putting her in danger of falling for him all over again.

Paradise Shore ebook FINAL_web resize.jpg

The man who ripped her heart out is back...

Selene Ariti’s world came crashing down around her when she saw an Instagram photo of her long-distance boyfriend kissing another woman.

So she ghosted Joshua Pierce and deleted his number, determined never to speak to him again. Relocating to Florence, Italy, Selene throws herself into building the family’s new gelato shop. Desperate to get over him, she hopes to savor some sweetness in life and drive her bitter feelings away.  

Except her knees almost buckle when she unexpectedly finds Josh in Italy. It was love at first sight when they met on vacation. Even though they knew a long-distance relationship would be tough, she never imagined the sweet, handsome, charming ex-soldier would end things so ruthlessly. Or is everything just a big misunderstanding?

Can they overcome mistakes of the past and save their second chance? Or will the love they have for one another be lost forever?


Can be read as a stand-alone.

Paradise Cove ebook FINAL_web resize.jpg

They were sweethearts until his modeling career took him all over the world. Thrown together again on the wild coasts of Northern California, will it be more than the sun making them sizzle?

Heartbroken but determined, Maya pulls up stakes and goes to California, leaving Italy and her beloved family behind. With much to prove, Maya hopes to mend her broken heart with a new job in the fashion industry and put Logan Mitchell behind her forever.

Except she can't stop thinking about him when she unexpectedly bumps into him in San Francisco, the sweet, kind, and ridiculously handsome modeling pal of her sister, Selene. When his career skyrocketed into international fame, Maya was happy for him, but knew their fledgling romance would never last.

As Maya begins to understand she has misjudged Logan horribly, she feels drawn to him more than ever. Except they can't control the tidal wave force of jealousy from a fellow supermodel who intends to destroy everyone Logan loves.


Can they swim through a sea of lies and save their second chance? Or will the love they have for one another be lost forever?

Can be read as a stand-alone.

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