Sweet Second Chances, Exotic Locations, Dreamy Dates...

A Second Chance in Maui

Escape to Maui where island life is full of love, surprises, and second chances.


Feisty Cat Cortez throws herself into building her family’s new landscaping business after the guy she thought was her soul mate walked out. Desperate to get over him, she hopes to plant something new in her life where love once bloomed. Just when she thinks she’s salvaged what was left of her broken heart, he careens back into her life...


Bad boy Dan Rhees has spent his entire life chasing adventure. Growing up on Maui made that an easy pursuit. Tired of his billionaire father dictating his life and threatening to disown him, Dan rebelled and joined the Army. It was the perfect escape until he realized that he’d left Cat, his best friend and soul mate, heartbroken.


Dan comes home from the Army a changed man, determined to win her back. Now the manager of a landscaping crew at a luxury resort, Cat is one of the first he hopes to enlist. Will working together at Maui’s newest resort turn an old wound into a new love, cause electricity to sizzle between them once again, and give them a happily ever after?

Formerly titled Her Rebellious Billionaire.

A Second Chance in Tuscany

Escape to Tuscany, where Italy's stunning vistas are full of love, surprises, and second chances.

All Selene wanted was to become an interior designer. That, and getting over the jerk who broke her heart. Her long-distance boyfriend didn't bother to tell her he had a girlfriend. Pics on Instagram don't lie, right? She never thought she'd have to move across the country, either. So she and her family dug down deep to build a new life in Italy.

Josh is crazy in love with Selene. Thousands of miles and 11 time zones make their long distance relationship challenging, but nothing that a visit can't fix. He hopes. Just when his plans come together, and he's bursting to tell Selene the news, he cannot get a hold of her. She would not return a single call or text--for weeks. Broken-hearted, he returned to Italy to help remodel the family's ancient villa.


When a mutual friend “introduces” them, Josh is determined to get to the bottom of the situation and, hopefully, win Selene back as they work together to renovate the villa.

Destiny throws them onto the same path, but is it enough to turn an old wound into new love, cause electricity to sizzle between them once again, and give them a happily ever after?

Can be read as a stand-alone.

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