"Need I mention that you two lovebirds are on opposing sides of a great war..." Luke, a fiery, fun side-kick character. 

Romance at the heart of it. Historical battle surrounding it. Lovers fighting to survive it.


The Entangled Princess
A Bitter Kingdoms Romance


A princess in disguise. An embattled warrior. A hundred year war. Secret lovers find stolen peace...

Amid the ruins of endless war, Princess Marguerite of Asterias, Meg to those who love her, is determined to find a way to help her people. Unknown to her weary father and domineering brother, she secretly steals away from the castle to feed and clothe the hungry in her kingdom. She hopes desperately to find someone, some way to save their country.

Captain Nicholas Sheppard is Edmira’s most capable soldier and spy. A soldier since his youth, he snatches victory from Asterias in the moment Edmira seemed certain to lose. Tales of his exploits have become the stuff of legends, and to his enemy he is known as the famous Wolf Knight. 

When Meg and Nicholas meet by accident, they find solace and a measure of stolen peace in their clandestine rendezvous away from the bloody fields of battle and wearying responsibilities. As they navigate the political intrigue between their countries and work to end a century-long war, each trying to outwit the other side, they never know that their greatest love and greatest threat are one and the same.

The Runaway Queen
A Bitter Kingdoms Prequel Novella
A queen in disguise. A rebel warrior. A hundred year war.
They fight for peace . . . and maybe even love.
Even the queen isn't safe from monsters. If she wants to live, she has to run. With the help of her close servants from home, Rosamund escapes into the Wilds alone. Confident that it is something she can do, Nature has other ideas. Rescued by Gabriel, ruggedly handsome and taken with her, she must decide if she should go into hiding with a man she hardly knows. Gabriel takes it upon himself to protect her from a maddened, vengeful king. Will love blossom during their harrowing journey to safety?
The Runaway Queen is the captivating prequel novella to The Entangled Princess: A Bitter Kingdoms Romance and introduces a main character in the Bitter Kingdoms World.

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